*These designs are my livelihood and I take it very seriously. Please read the rules and pricing below carefully.

• DO NOT steal any of these designs or concepts.
• DO NOT replicate any of these designs or ideas.
• Drag and drop each design you want in an email to clint@clintenglish.com with the changes you’d like to make and I will let you know if the designs are available or not.
• Some designs may have already been approved by and sold to other clients, so please check before choosing designs.
• Designs are sold as-is with the exception of text, color, and photo changes (if applicable).
• Additional revisions may be made to designs for an additional $50.
• Some icons and elements in these designs are specific to certain clients and will be removed accordingly.

• Prices per design are a flat rate of $200 (includes text, color and photo changes only).
• Additional revisions to designs are $50.
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